The traditional wood burning in stoves can be simple and trouble-free by a moderate outlet of energy and cheap labour force. This mode of energy production requires a lot of labour expenditures, and the rise in the living standards in Lithuania made us value both our time and that of others.

The equipment of wood granulation gives the opportunity to mechanize the running of wood fuel economy and automate the process of burning. The modernizing of wood fuel economy and switching to sawdust briquettes and/or pellets enable to solve some problems related to the transportation and storing of wood fuel.


Briquettes and pellets if compared with raw wood have following advantages:pellets

  • less moisture,
  • up to five times higher energetic value,
  • burning requires simpler and cheaper equipment,
  • easy maintenance,
  • fuel can be stored for a longer time without the rot threat,
  • it is used in boiler-houses and in private homes as well,
  • it can be used as litter for pets